AP Stats Review Day 6

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor was the theme song today. One student asked me if I was going to play motivational music every day until the exam. That is the goal.

It seems that I end each AP Stats period wishing for 10 more minutes. I’m always running a little short on time. Fortunately, next year we are switching to a six period day and the extra 10 minutes will be there.

After grading 200 FRQs the past weekend, I decided we all needed a break from “high stakes” FRQs. So, we worked on 6 FRQs related to probability, random variables, binomial, and sampling distributions. We only got through about half of them and we will finish up tomorrow. The FRQs we worked on today were:

1. Ear Infection Antibiotic Treatment Plan

2. Bauxite Coal Filling Mechanism

3. Men’s Shirt Sizes

4. Gulch Snake Railroad

5. Earth Depth

6.  Big Town Fisheries

I haven’t mentioned this, but we have already done some of these FRQs previously. We do FRQs and MCs right away. I use them for graded HW, quizzes, tests, and semester exams. I hope to do almost every released FRQ and MC before the national exam. I probably don’t get enough of the #6s done though. In fact, I’m feeling some anxiety right this moment about not doing a good enough job with the #6s. Ughhh…

For HW tonight the kids are working on 1997 and 2002 MC questions about probability, random variables, binomial, sampling distributions, and inference. For my HW tonight, I’m grading 150 FRQs. Nice.



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