AP Stats Review Day 7

“Stand by Me” was the song to motivate our review period today. I should have played “Bores Kids all Hour”. Pretty dry today. I’m noticing the kids are feeling fatigued. Gotta mix it up.

My FRQ packets that I assign for HW have the number and year removed to combat kids just looking up the answers. Most students don’t realize that you can just type in the the first few phrases in a google search, and the scoring guide will pop up. I told my 7th hour this tidbit today. You see I’m going to change my FRQ grading technique. The FRQs will be graded for completion, but each day one of the HW FRQs will the be a quiz. I will hand out a fresh FRQ, and kids will have to complete it. My thinking is that the kids will have to really prepare their HW to be ready for the quiz. It’s almost as the quiz will help ensure that they do a thorough job on their HW. Well, that is what I hope happens. I think I will have each FRQ available for a quiz and kids will get one of the three. 

We worked some more on CLT, sampling distribution, random variables, binomial and geometric FRQs. I also showed the applets demonstrating sampling distributions and the CLT. I love the Central Limit Theorem. It’s magical.

I’m hoping the new approach to FRQ grading provides my students with a “lift”. A tip of the cap to our AP Calculus Teacher, Kurt Brinks, for the suggestion.



One thought on “AP Stats Review Day 7

  1. I, too, think the Central Limit Theorem is magical. But, then again, have you ever had those Golden Oreos? They are a little more magical.

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