AP Stats Review Day 11

I need more time. I need more minutes in each period. Fifty-two minute periods are not long enough. I can’t wait until we have a six period day and 62 minute classes. I need more time.

So, my kids didn’t get through all the inference examples on their own yesterday. Some did, though. I really am thankful for their handwork. Awesome, you guys!!

In my third hour, I went through more of the inference examples and did a problem from their FRQ packet HW. It was a pretty intense 52 minutes trying to review. Their HW tonight is to finish the inference packet using notes and screencasts. I also asked my students to take their big chapter-by-chapter packet and highlight the topics they still are not comfortable with doing. I hope this forces the kids to actually read the thing. Yikes, it has some pretty good information in there.

I switched it up for 7th hour. I decided to do a #6 FRQ with them. The one I chose was the Island Bird Instinct problem. It has a two-proportion z-test and a confidence interval for slope. Nice chance to review those inference types. This is a pretty straightforward #6, so a good with which to begin. We started the milk dispenser #6 FRQ also. I need to get more practice on simulations.

Some of my students left 7th hour early for a baseball game, they have to do the same tomorrow. Ugh… More kids are on going on a college visit Wednesday, and many others have a forensics competition on Friday. Hey, doesn’t anyone realize the world revolves around my AP Stats Review?

Did I mention I need more time?



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