AP Stats Review Day 12

I feel a little better after today. We did some #6s, a simulation problem (milk volume), and again reviewed inference for slope. I can check those off my list of stuff that was causing me anxiety. I’m trying to convince the kids that simulation problems are really pretty easy. We also discussed to have faith in their skills while working on the #6 FRQ. You just need to crash through it, and get as many points as possible. We haven’t discussed the strategy of tackling the #6 FRQ first or second yet. Perhaps next week.

So, tomorrow my kids are taking a practice FRQ portion of the test. When we had 72 minute classes, I would give the entire FRQ portion one day and the entire MC portion the next day. It really gave the kids an idea of the intensity of the test. This year I’m give 3 regular FRQs and one #6 FRQ. I figure that should take about 55 minutes (10+10+10+25). I like to give the FRQ portion first so I have extra time to grade those buggers. After the test the kids will have some FRQs for HW. I’m done correcting and quizzing on them now. They just need to do them for their own preparation.

I would like to have given the MC portion on Friday, but I have a number of kids missing for forensics and athletics. Monday will be the day for the MC portion. I won’t be able to give all 40 questions, but I will probably have them do 35 questions. My kids have traditionally not needed the entire 90 minutes for the MC portion. I know I will have to be flexible though.

I didn’t assign any HW tonight. I wanted to give my students an opportunity to do chose what the need to study. I hope they take the opportunity to do so. Just of couple more days of HW from me. We are getting there.

I’m tired. I’m sure my students are as well. I have to remember that.



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