AP Stats Review Day 13

We took a practice test today. Three “regular” FRQs and one #6. Everyone was able to finish without issue. I’m not sure how to feel about that. Does that mean I didn’t select a good representation of the exam? You know, a good mix of easy, medium, and hard? Or, perhaps my students were ready and prepared? And even, the test was so hard that they weren’t able to give it a fair effort? I will find out this weekend when I grade the FRQs I guess.

Now, how to scale a shortened test? I don’t believe I will make the #6 worth 25% of their FRQ score. Considering the shortened number of FRQs on their practice test, I don’t wish to over emphasize the #6 in their grade. I’m not sure if my logic is great, but that’s the best I got right now. So, I will weigh each FRQ equally.

#1: ______ X 3.125 = _____  (Max = 12.5)

#2: ______ X 3.125 = _____   (Max = 12.5)

#3: ______ X 3.125 = _____   (Max = 12.5)

#4: ______ X 3.125 = _____   (Max = 12.5)

Total = _______   (Max = 50)

Homework tonight consisted of recent FRQs including a chi-square, a simulation example, and another one I absolutely can’t remember at this very moment. Yep, I’m losing it. Teaching an AP course does that to a mind.



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