AP Stats Review Day 14

Crazy Friday. About of one-third of my AP classes were absent Friday attending athletic and co-curricular events. Another group of kids had to take their practice MC test early since they are talking real AP Tests Monday. A third chunk kids are not taking the stats national exam so  I allowed them to prepare for other academic related activities (this is the first time in the review process that I allowed this), and the rest I worked with in small groups. It was fun to work with 5-8 students working on some FRQs. I was able to discuss using simulations to produce a p-value in more detail. I didn’t assign any HW over the weekend. The kids need to do their own test preparation. We have reviewed everything, and now my students need to personalize their own review.

I’m in the midst of grading their practice FRQ test. Some of my students have to do a bit more work before they are ready, but most seem to be coming along just fine. Even my students that are not taking the national exam are doing pretty well. Excellent, you guys, so proud. However, please check your criteria, please! So many of my students didn’t check criteria for a confidence interval. Ughhh…

Well, we are almost there. I’m ready. I hope my students are ready also.



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