AP Stats Review Day 15

I made a mistake. So many of my students were missing class Friday that I gave the MC practice test on Monday. Mistake. I really should have made certain the practice test was completed the week before the real AP tests begin. What a nightmare of make-ups and the like.

Well, I gave the MC practice on Monday. While the kids were taking the test I finished up grading their FRQ practice test. The kids had no issue finishing the 32 questions (yes, I know there are 40) in our 52 minute class periods.

For HW tonight I had one of my better ideas in decades. Just for those taking the National Exam, I had them read a wonderful article written by an esteemed AP Stats teacher and reader (can’t think of his name) that offers some helpful hints on taking the exam. I sent out a google form and required each student to enter five things they gleaned from the article. The beauty of the google form is I have everyone’s responses in one sheet that I can share with all. Everyone learns from everyone. Nice.

I’m toast.



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