AP Stats Review Day 16

I did some statistical voodoo last night. I’m not proud. You see I had to assign grades to my students’ practice AP test scores. I had to try to figure out cut scores on a practice test with 4 FRQs that I chose and 32 MC questions from a secure AP test. Bias everywhere. Did I choose FRQs I knew my students could handle? Are the first 32 MC questions systematically different than all 40 questions? Did I grade true to the published scoring guides? Am I being fair to my students with the grade I assign? Sorcery, I tell yahs.

The happy news, none of my students seemed upset by their grade. They all seemed to believe their scores were appropriately assigned. So there’s that.

My Plan:

5s: A’s

4s: A-‘s

3s: B+s

2s: Bs to B-s

1s: C range

After the grade sheets were handed out, we went over the FRQs and started reviewing the MC questions. 52 minutes went quickly. Then I had to collect the secure MC tests (I’m not the weak link!). We will try to review some more MC questions as needed.

So close now!


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