AP Stats Review Day 17

This is Tulip Time in Holland, MI. That means half-days on Wednesday and Thursday and lots of parades and Dutch Dancing. So, my students are really busy this week, and I see them for one less day. That’s alright, it’s taper time for our review process. I haven’t assigned HW since Friday. My students need to do their own studying now. I hope they have put some time towards their AP Stats review.

Today (3rd period) and yesterday (7th period) I reviewed “big ideas”. We discussed:

1. Describing distributions (shape, center, spread, gaps) and scatterplots (strength, direction, form).

2. Using context in their descriptions.

3. Difference between interpreting confidence intervals and confidence level.

4. How the length of a CI is affected by confidence level and sample size.

5. Checking criteria for BOTH CIs and HTs.

6. Type I and Type II errors and Power

7. Conditional probabilities and determining independence

Boy, if my students could really nail these ideas, I think they would be in good shape.

I started the last review session with reminding my students that nothing bad can happen tomorrow. Either they will score high enough to get college credit for Introductory Statistics or they will have an easy college class. Some of my students countered they would waste $80+ on the test. True, but many kids may spend close to that on a week’s worth of carney food during Tulip Time.

Good luck everyone. This AP Stats teacher is routing for you tomorrow.




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