AP Stats Review Day 10

Weird day today. I left after first hour, sick. I Couldn’t make it. I hated to miss a review day with my kids, but technology to the rescue.

I made screencasts of each inference type using ShowMe and housed them in a folder on edmodo. So, I thought my kids could easily access the links and review away. Hah, not quite. Some had trouble finding the folder that was shared with them, and others choose to do the FRQ packet instead. I really wanted the FRQ packet for HW and even included in my sub plan not to pass it out until the end of the hour. Oh well. No difference, really.

I had a few kids contact me via email and edmodo requesting help. I am happy to do that when I was able.



AP Stats Review Day 9

I forgot the song today. Ooops.  It was senior skip day and I guess I was preoccupied with determining who was missing. Or, that’s just an excuse, and it’s really that I’m just getting forgetful.

Today was the first day of the an FRQ quiz from the FRQs assigned the night before. Worked well. They kids were asking each other questions about the FRQs and discussing solutions. They noticed that the online rubrics have different notation and explanations for some of the problems.

Kids came up front and used my TI random number generator to determine which of the three quizzes they would complete. One student even commented that his heart was pounding with anticipation. Ha Ha, I loved his sarcasm.

After the quiz we started the big inference review. We were able to practice some t-tests and paired t-tests. I always have my kids write down the formula and plug in the values for these tests. I noticed some kids getting anxious when they looked at all of the formulas they would have to know. I decided to tell them that if they write the full name of the hypothesis test or confidence interval they would not have to include the formula. I also explained that the very best written explanation would include the formula and not including it would be at their own FRQ peril.

No school tomorrow for students. Our school is having an all staff PSD with some pretty awesome #edureform speakers. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with Will Richardson and Principal Kafele.


AP Stats Review Day 8

“You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King was our musical motivator. I prefer  Carole’s version over the James Taylor rendition . Most of my students commented they liked the James Taylor song.

We are finishing up on the big probability units and moving on to inference. The FRQ HW tonight is a mix of inference and binomial / sampling distribution type problems. This is the first HW that one of the FRQs will be a quiz question. I hope my students really prepare and do the questions well. I’ve had a couple of students contact me this evening via edmodo or email to ask questions. I encourage my students to do that. I want to help. It allows me an opportunity to teach beyond the class hour.

I got a bit frazzled today during 7th hour. I would say I was even crabby. I apologized immediately and got back under control. I have a history of getting really wound tight during the exam review, and I promised myself and my students that I would not do that this year. I want to keep my promise. So far, so good.

I’m starting to get anxious about getting every topic appropriately reviewed. Yikes there is a lot to do. We are starting our inference review tomorrow. I’m using a packet that circled about the listserv a good number of years ago. I believe the original author is Betsy Vandenberg and it was edited by Stony Pryor. Thanks for the help, guys. I decided to make screencasts for the each inference type. It’s a lot of work, but worth it. Each screencast takes about 10 minutes to make once I have the problems set up. I completed five of them this evening, so a pretty good start. I make the screencasts using the Showme App on my iPad. I will load them in an edmodo folder and put them Tunes for my students to use for review.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Senior Skip Day. I’m not a fan of such day, especially one that is scheduled during the AP Exam Review. I hope to see all of my seniors tomorrow. We have to work hard to do well. Everyday counts.


AP Stats Review Day 7

“Stand by Me” was the song to motivate our review period today. I should have played “Bores Kids all Hour”. Pretty dry today. I’m noticing the kids are feeling fatigued. Gotta mix it up.

My FRQ packets that I assign for HW have the number and year removed to combat kids just looking up the answers. Most students don’t realize that you can just type in the the first few phrases in a google search, and the scoring guide will pop up. I told my 7th hour this tidbit today. You see I’m going to change my FRQ grading technique. The FRQs will be graded for completion, but each day one of the HW FRQs will the be a quiz. I will hand out a fresh FRQ, and kids will have to complete it. My thinking is that the kids will have to really prepare their HW to be ready for the quiz. It’s almost as the quiz will help ensure that they do a thorough job on their HW. Well, that is what I hope happens. I think I will have each FRQ available for a quiz and kids will get one of the three. 

We worked some more on CLT, sampling distribution, random variables, binomial and geometric FRQs. I also showed the applets demonstrating sampling distributions and the CLT. I love the Central Limit Theorem. It’s magical.

I’m hoping the new approach to FRQ grading provides my students with a “lift”. A tip of the cap to our AP Calculus Teacher, Kurt Brinks, for the suggestion.


AP Stats Review Day 6

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor was the theme song today. One student asked me if I was going to play motivational music every day until the exam. That is the goal.

It seems that I end each AP Stats period wishing for 10 more minutes. I’m always running a little short on time. Fortunately, next year we are switching to a six period day and the extra 10 minutes will be there.

After grading 200 FRQs the past weekend, I decided we all needed a break from “high stakes” FRQs. So, we worked on 6 FRQs related to probability, random variables, binomial, and sampling distributions. We only got through about half of them and we will finish up tomorrow. The FRQs we worked on today were:

1. Ear Infection Antibiotic Treatment Plan

2. Bauxite Coal Filling Mechanism

3. Men’s Shirt Sizes

4. Gulch Snake Railroad

5. Earth Depth

6.  Big Town Fisheries

I haven’t mentioned this, but we have already done some of these FRQs previously. We do FRQs and MCs right away. I use them for graded HW, quizzes, tests, and semester exams. I hope to do almost every released FRQ and MC before the national exam. I probably don’t get enough of the #6s done though. In fact, I’m feeling some anxiety right this moment about not doing a good enough job with the #6s. Ughhh…

For HW tonight the kids are working on 1997 and 2002 MC questions about probability, random variables, binomial, sampling distributions, and inference. For my HW tonight, I’m grading 150 FRQs. Nice.


AP Stats Review Day 5

“Don’t Stop Believing'” by Journey got our review period started. We had an awesome class sing-a-long. Cool.

I can’t believe the review process for us is one-quarter complete. Everyone seems hanging in there, even me. We are working on probability, random variables, binomial, geometric and sampling distributions. We spent some time on conditional probabilities and combining random variables.

The FRQ packet for this weekend included the age and income probability FRQ, dwarf fruit trees blocking problem, and teacher/student watches FRQ. Before the kids turn in their FRQs, I will go over the dwarf fruit tree problem and allow them to correct it. They struggle to identify the correct blocking format. I also like the kids to peer review their FRQs before they pass them in for grading.

There has been some discussion on twitter this week about reviewing topic by topic vs. mixed review. I guess at first I’m in the topic by topic camp. Or, at least topic groups by topic groups. By the middle of this week every thing will be a mixed review.

Just got down grading 200 FRQs. Yikes this is a lot of work.


AP Stats Review Day 4

Randy Newman helped start the class with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. I’m choosing music that supports a student centered review process. I want my students to know I am with them on this journey.

I am very pleased with how the kids worked today. We reviewed some MC questions around experimental design. They got a good many of them correct. I got one wrong, though. Yep, I’ve never answered all 40 MC questions correct in a released exam. I usually get around 38 correct with some educated guessing. I tell my kids that I would get a 5 on the AP exam, but it wouldn’t be a perfect score.

I decided to review the vocabulary a bit more intentionally today. I just couldn’t leave it at just letting them read the terms over. I wanted to be certain to point out some features of sampling techniques.

Homework tonight is 4 FRQ questions. We worked on two of the questions together in class before they left. We cleaned up the Cholesterol Reduction FRQ. I wanted to be certain the kids explained why they chose the variable on which they blocked the experiment. We also discussed the relay race FRQ. This provided a nice discussion on normal curve calculations and random variables. So that leaves the Shrimp and Boot Waterproofing problems for HW. I will probably grade the FRQs out of 12 or 13 points instead of 16.

Friday tomorrow. The review process will be one-quarter complete. I hope we have enough time.